subvisual asked:

We take 3 to 4 classes right? Will I be able to take a PE over there? Like whitewater kayaking or backpacking or yoga or something?


4! And probably not… Sorry!!!

I’ve been home for two weeks now and I just miss Melbourne…

A last minute note from Dakota. ☺️ So him.

I had a wonderful Thai dinner tonight with my friend Laura and her aunt!

It was definitely this temperature in my room as well as outside…


Anonymous asked:

Why does La Trobe suck?


They don’t have great student services. A lot of the professors aren’t interested in teaching. The classes are crazy long. The grading isn’t consistent or given in a timely fashion. The people are super nice, but I just prefer the American school system. Appalachian State is more on top of things and involved in students’ lives. I prefer the hands on approach.